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†☆『Medical Science BUU』☆†

Medical Science Burapha University

medical, science, burapha, university, chonburi

Science Math Enrichment Program,K.B.

About Science Math Enrichment Program in K. B. school in YALA, Thailand

smep, science, math, enrichment, program, k.b., about, school, yala, thailand


Cu, Vet66, cuvet, cuvet66, chula, veterinary, sciences

vet66, cuvet, cuvet66, chula, veterinary, sciences

Benchama Math&science/10

My room

benchama, math&science/10, room

~ RooM 3 Gifted BD.2 ~

บอร์ดของชาวห้อง 3 BD. 2 งับ

บด, บ.ด., บด2

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